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Shipping within Australia with FREE shipping in orders over USD$150.

2 Hours  Group Videoshoot

175/pp if 2 people

125/pp if 3 people

100/pp if 4 poeple


30 seconds to 2 minutes Video (Depending on level of the Surfer and Conditions of the day) of pre surfing and surfing session. Creation of Instagram Reels is also available.


Location and time will be agreed with the photographer (Gold Coast Area only) (Byron Bay also available but extra fee for travel)

Voucher lasts for 1 full year

Video will be sent via email at resolution and quality.

Gear used:

Sony a7siii, Sony 100-400mm GM Lens, Sony x2 Lens Augmenter, DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone.

For more info or questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at

Group Videoshoot 2h

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