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surf barrel photography photoshoot gold coast australia


Gold Coast based (Australia), The Surf Eye started as a surf photography and videography service which aimed to give surfers an easier access to visualize their performance doing what they love the most, Surf. 

While being part of the sport and the community, The Surf Eye has studied different ways to make the surfers life easier and more accessible. In 2021 The Surf Eye launched a new adventure creating its own Surf Gear, accessories and Clothing. This project has the goal to provide every surfers needs with the highest quality products at the most affordable price.



I am Max, a Photographer and Videographer born in Barcelona, Spain.

I was a competitive tennis player who ended up in the USA studying at competing in College Tennis where I studied Photography and Videography.


After living there for more than 6 years I moved to Australia were I discovered and found my passion in Surfing, and that's how The Surf Eye started.

As a profession, I coached tennis, and I still do since its a sport will always go hand in hand with me. I film surfing and I created The Surf Eye. And I work as a Digital Creator, specially in Real Estate, Events, Restaurants and Private Shoots.

Next time you see me around, make sure you come say hello.




IG: @thesurfeyeofficial

YT: The Surf Eye

Gold Coast, Australia

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